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The war rages...

Intro post

Intro post

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This is what I would basically call my "diet" journal. My main account, kitty3361 is where I talk about my mundane life of being a college student and everything that goes on in my mind. But this one is devoted to what I'm going to go through to lead a more healthy life.

I'm not into eating disorders or fad diets where you get quick results. I want this to be a permenate thing. Which require a lifestly change on my part. This is going to be hard to do when my life is in uncertain grounds, but I need a place to start and this seems like as good as any.

Any questions, you can reply to this post.

  • I would like to make healthy changes to my life as well. Maybe even try to include a little exercise. It's my new year's resolution.
  • What are you taking in college :)
  • I joined Weight watchers a couple of months ago to help make a lifestyle change. I have since lost 20 pounds which is just over 10 percent of my body weight. I saw you at the 80 days community and I love reading and talking with over about a healthy lifestyle change so I thought I'd add you. Good Luck!
  • Hi! I saw one of your posts in a dieting community and thought I'd add you as a friend if you don't mind. I think it really helps to get as much support and encouragement as possible. I look forward to hearing more from you!
    • You're right, support is so necessary, I've found it hard in the beginning with some of my friends who don't let me talk about my weight, it's hard. Added back.
  • Dear Walkstrong!
    Thanks for adding me!
    I love reading about you and your story.
    Keep believing!!!!
  • (no subject) -
    • not at all! I love it when people add me, more stories to read and people to get to know
  • I don't know if you're still active (seems like most of the "diet" journals on LJ have been abandoned, but I'm going to add you, hope you don't mind!
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